False Air is a Major issue in cement plant because it lowers the productivity and increases the heat & power consumption. While 40-50% of cement is due to heat & power, that’s why it is essential to arrest.

Material that can be used to adhere or stick one surface to another is called as an adhesive.

Material that is initially fluid or semi fluid placed between two opposing solid materials becomes solid by itself (by solvent evaporation or chemical reaction), bonds to the surface it is applied to and accommodates joint movement.  Prevents excessive absorption of adhesives or penetration of liquid or gaseous substance.


False air is any unwanted air entering in the system.

Disadvantages of False Air:

    • Increase in Electrical Energy Consumption
    • Increase in Thermal Energy Consumption
    • Reduction in Productivity
    • Unstable and disturbed operation
    • Frequent human exposure to unsafe areas while arresting false air

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